Box lacrosse has really helped me become a more complete midfielder. It has made my stick skills and shooting better, especially when being pressured by an opponent, and its fast paced style has really helped me make quicker decisions on the field. Also because of all the two-man games, my communication with my teammates and defense has strengthened. Overall box lacrosse’s non-stop and physical play is a lot of fun and pushes you to become a better player.

Box lacrosse this past winter was something brand new to me. It helped me develop great shooting habits, offensive and defensive awareness, and my ability to play in tight spaces. When taking what I’ve learned from box and applying to the outdoor game this past spring, I saw a huge improvement in my stick work and my foot work. I wish I started playing box as a younger athlete so that I could have applied even more of what I learned into my outdoor game.

Playing box this winter gave me an ability to elevate my game to the next level by having my passing and shooting is more precise and a new way to look at two-man game from the side.

The box program at blue star really helped me in many ways. Box lacrosse has very tight spaces so it forces you to improve your stick skills and decision making. Box improves these things because the speed of the game is much faster then outdoor. Another thing that I liked is it gave me a better understanding of offense. Picks and two men game are important to box and was something I didn’t get a lot of playing defense. I really enjoyed getting a chance to play some offense. Box lacrosse was a very positive experience for me and I really enjoyed and improved over the course of the season.

My 13 year old son is new to the game. Only started playing at age 10. The Blue Star Box program under Coach Hopper dramatically increased his stick skills and field awareness after just one season. His ability to read the field , make quick decisions and execute was noticeably better during the Spring season. We certainly will be playing Box again this winter.